Wedding Security

The big day is approaching, and everything must be perfect. After all, this it’s a day to be remembered. Do you have your wedding checklist revised and notice that your wedding security isn’t included?

But why do you need security for a wedding when it’s a day of joy and happiness?

If you are planning a wedding or wondering if security is something you should concern, yes, even if you’re not famous, this article is just for you.


Did you know that happiness is defined by Dalai Lama as a state of satisfaction, peace of mind?

There is no pleasure to share tears, except for joy. Why am I bringing this up and how is this related to the topic?

Well, most of us attended a wedding where we’ve to notice awkward moments. Like, uh… nobody’s there to welcome you and point directions. Or, being stressed about the safety of the parking lot and do trips back and forward to check the integrity of your car.

And that’s not all. If you’re not familiar with the area, surely you want someone to walk you to your car or transportation when leaving the reception. A wedding security officer can assist all your guest in a friendly manner.


Alcohol precaution

We all have whiteness situations when a guest take advantage of too much alcohol from the open bar, loose sense, raise his voice or start using abusing language. Where there’s a lot of drinking involved, misunderstandings can occur quite often. From here to a fist fight is just a spark. A drunken guest could also bring unintentional damage to the venue. A broken chair, a hole through a wall or a damaged table by a guest who decides to step out and dance on top of it in front of everyone could keep you liable for the vandalisation.

Who will help diffuse a potential negative chain of events?

Since we’re in this chapter, you have to take into consideration that underage guest along with their families will take part in your celebration. Parents are hooked up in socialising, so teenagers may seize the opportunity and try to sneak in alcohol. In this brisk atmosphere, a security officer can assist with ID’s check.



Hey, do you know the complainer?

Yes, that guest who thinks the food is crap, the service too slow, and the music too oldish. And you know what they do…

That’s right, they start moaning to anyone who has a pulse and two ears. And since you plan your wedding hoping that your guest will have a good time, you don’t owe this grump a thing.

Don’t try to cheer her up, you’re the bride, not the crisis manager. Instead, ask the security officer to calmly handle the situation and ignore her.



Apart from this, you have to take into consideration uninvited guest who may try to gatecrash the event.

I know what you’re thinking:
-Who in the world will want to do this thing, right?

However, have you consider situations when a jealous ex-lover or an estranged family member wants to ruin the event.

Or random people who turn up for free food and drinks?
How would you act reasonably without causing a scene?
On top of that, a wedding can bring together family members from various backgrounds and social classes that may not get along with each other. If you’re certain of your family to behave, how about your bridal families old tensions, wounds and clashes?

Gatecrashing doesn’t happen only in movies and it’s a real thing and a big concern of numerous customers.


Répondez s’il vous plaît

After the RSVP, it is important to prepare a guest list with all your attendees who confirm their participation. Furthermore, it is essential to provide pictures of any people you don’t want at your wedding. All security officers will make sure to deny admittance if they show up. According to your budget, an extra layer of precaution can be added by the presence of a canine unit who will be prepared to intervene in case of necessity.


Unaccounted personal items

Let’s not forget your guest personal belongings that may go missing. How would you handle the embarrassment of this?

On top of that, what if, an expensive gift will suddenly disappear? Are you prepared to accept the loss of it?


Wedding lore and traditions

Even tossing the bridal bouquet as a symbol of fertility can be a challenging thing. This tradition that stems from England still wearing the belief of good luck and whoever catches it will be the next to marry. Bridesmaids can make a scene out of jealousy so is better to have someone prepared to deescalate a frustrating situation.


Security at your venue

When hiring a venue for your wedding, sometimes they offer their own security team. Since this seems to fit your wish, you have to consider the fact that their own security will focus on the integrity of the venue itself and not on your guest wellbeing. Therefore, look for a professional wedding security service provider whose professional staff knows to stay in the shadow. With discretion and highly competence they can guarantee that your big day will go off without a hitch.



Security isn’t optional for your nuptials. A wedding security team will ensure the goodwill and a less stressful celebration for you and your beloved ones. By committing to protect your guest from the ceremony until late into the after-party, the celebration will be remembered as a success. For added security, a personal Close Protection Operative can be assigned to follow you around and safeguard your day.


Finally, we look forward to welcoming you to your wedding.

Think safe, think smart, think secure. Think SHIELD.

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