Tips for hiring

Tips for hiring personal security 

We can all agree that we do not live in a perfect world. There are situations when everyone needs an assurance related with protection, either personal or business. Follow this tips for hiring personal security on a daily basis or one off.

With the increase in threat level every year, there is no doubt that you need to consider the best possible protection for yourself, your loved ones or your business assets. Whether you require protection in London, U.K. or when traveling abroad, you can rest assured that there will be a viable solution that caters to your needs. But how do you choose the best option from the companies in the market?

Follow these tips when considering a contract

Know your needs

First thing you need to do is to decide what type of services you require and if is just one service or more. Then you need to know the frequency of the service, for example, if it will be on a daily basis, just weekends or when you need to travel abroad. Every business needs a customised service so be sure you take time to analyse all your requirements before deciding which provider will be most suitable for you.

Go for Pro!

Do not go for huge guys just because they look big and scary, but rather look for those who are skilled in that particular job.

The price will vary depending on the level of professionalism each company provide. So, ask yourself, why does a company charge a cheaper price than others?

On a personal note, I must admit that I have worked with Security Officers who could not even speak English or those who were inexperienced in the field as they have just obtained their SIA badge. Will such security officers be able to handle situations such as fire breakout, trespassing, assault, bomb threat?

Will they panic and run or will they stay their ground and take the necessary steps to handle the situation?

Can they write reports, do a full debrief with detailed account of the events afterward?

Deciding a service provider

A personal bodyguard role is not just your SHIELD, his role involves many other tasks.

Will you choose experienced Security Officers who have dedicated most part of their life doing this job, ex-military service individuals or just newbies?

Your personal protection and protection for your loved ones is very important. It needs to be professional and above the standards. Therefore, it is important to outline a budget for this job and discuss your needs with your service provider before going further into a vetting process. Do include other expenses like traveling and cost for living too.

Always consider this tips when hiring personal security to avoid disappointment.

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