Scene 5, Take 2, Slate clap, Action!

And we’re rolling, but suddenly The Director yells “CUT”! One of the main character fan sneaks in and walks from the background, right in the middle of the scene.

What if, during a live show, a stage invader breaks in and ruin the broadcast?

With the threat level raised to severe, nothing can be left to chance.

You and your crew needs assurance that full safety precautions are in place for your shooting day.

Making sure safety precaution are made is an essential part of video production and is necessary to help out in the event that an incident occurs.

It’s going to be huge! Well, why shouldn’t?

For a 5 stars production you need a 5 stars security guard team.

What SHIELD can do for YOU

Deliver a proactive assessment on your location 24/7 and adapt to any environmental changes during the day.

Provide traffic management plan, crowd control daily and audience management during live shows.

Clear the road access and ensure a minimum risk of noise nuisance to local residents.

Establish a muster location and acknowledge emergency services close by.

Check and contain rig points available for expected loadings of flow equipment.

Ensure adequate parking and access available for production vehicles.

Manage access and egress points of the setting and escort artists to the stage ensuring a clear path when audience is present.

Enhance the security and safety of the crew, set, location and equipment for the entire period of production.

Verify the access passes issued on each day to correspond with production requirements and enhance security for sensitive areas of the village set.

Guest, visitors, press and audience will be checked before entering the location village and confirm their access with production.

After the filming hours and at the end of the live show, we can assist production and celebrities with executive transport through the hotel or airport.

Furthermore, we will ensure the good joy of your party at the end of the production with our Private Events security team.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

Prior deploying our Security Guards on set location, we will perform a security survey to identify all the hazards, evaluate the risks and develop procedures of eliminating or minimising those risks. We will review and update as necessary. SHIELD managing director will supervise the process as a guarantee of his experience in the field.

We will then assign a team leader who will be responsible for his team positioning on the perimeter. He will be the first liaison of contact with production and ensure their requests are satisfied. For emergency, he will act and instruct his security team over the radio on the appropriated procedure to follow as pre-planned. He will coordinate with production and

The canteen, marquees and catering equipment’s will be over watched during night time. Maintenance team, recycling contractors and generators trucks refilling contractors will be escorted through the perimeter to ensure that no disturbance will disrupt the film set.

All patrolling security will physically check the integrity of all production cabin doors and windows after the regular hours and report to the team leader for instruction in the occurrence of a breach or if a runner forgot to close them.

No flaws will be ignored, and in addition we can offer a VIP Protection package for your celebrities to ensure them a safe place and SHIELD them from overcrowds audience, paparazzi and fans.

TV and Film Security Guard isn’t just “a risk management controller” – is the practical requirement of production and audience protection.


  • A high standard of physical fitness and strength
  • Smart appearance
  • Reliability and trustworthy
  • Proactive Onsite Crime Prevention
  • Controlling of Access Points
  • Visitors Vehicle Checks
  • Professional Static and Foot Patrol
  • Deterring of trespassers, vandals, thieves and stage invaders
  • Access management for restricted areas
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic control and management
  • A mature and responsible attitude at work
  • A polite and courteous demeanor
  • Responsive to alarms and calls of distress
  • Ability to write short reports and follow written instructions
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information
  • Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  • Ability to challenge people when necessary


No matter who’s your celebrity star on your production, a VIP Protection is a must for their personal safety. During shooting and on the red carpet for the lunch day, we got you covered.

When a TV season is over or a movie production ends, the party organised as a gratitude for everyone’s hard work is a must. Our Private Event team will guarantee the party’s success.