We understand that residential communities have always been a target for criminal activities, and we want to ensure the best optimal solution for your needs. To give you the peace of mind our commendable, attentive and personable staff will be the first point of contact for any messengers, workers or visitors crossing your premises, ensuring a deep through screening before welcoming. Rest assured that SHIELD, will employ the most suitable security guards after a vigorous screening, with multi-lingual communications and interpersonal skills to provide your residence the comfort well-being of, they deserve.

Anti social behaviour, breaking and entering without authorisation, violence, vandalism and personal attacks will be successfully prevented with our residential security guards. 

What SHIELD can do for YOU

According to your budget and needs, we will tailor exclusively solutions for each building or community. We can provide a static security service for gate keeping to interact with residential and visitors, ensuring a permanent log for vehicles and suppliers deliveries. Our mobile security patrol or dogs service K9 will keep a visual presence for your residential protection, during day, night, or both. Every security guard is trained in detection, prevention and response techniques to overcome criminal activities, acts of terrorism, emergencies and power failure.

Furthermore, SHIELD can provide security guards for your annual meeting or in the eventuality of hosting a Private Event. If your community is comprised with reputable society members, we can guarantee their safety with a Close Protection service daily, or when they need to travel for their business purposes.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

We will perform a deep analysis where your assets will be examined to advantage our security guards manpower and technology for coverage of residential areas. To do so, we will require the community map with each asset emplacement to devise a structural section for our security guards to cover up the entire perimeter. A devise process of reducing risk to people, property and assets will be drawn with recommendations to the highest security requirements that will be available for your revision. In addition, warning signs will be installed around your premises to discourage potential intruders. Random patrols will be carried out to overcome the possibility of an intrusion and guessing a pattern of our security guards tactical manoeuvres.

Residential Security Guard isn’t just “a uniform patrol” – is the PROactive enhanced urban protection.


  • A high standard of physical fitness and strength
  • Smart appearance
  • Reliability and trustworthy
  • Proactive Onsite Crime Prevention
  • Controlling of Access Points
  • Visitors Vehicle Checks
  • Professional Static and Foot Patrol
  • Deterring of trespassers, vandals and thieves
  • Diminish site vulnerability
  • A mature and responsible attitude at work
  • A polite and courteous demeanor
  • Responsive to alarms and calls of distress
  • Ability to write short reports and follow written instructions
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information
  • Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  • Ability to challenge people when necessary


With our holiday approaching, we require a security guard to look after our propriety. How much will that cost us?
Depending on the budget and the assumed risks, we can tailor a solution to your needs that may include a permanent 24-hour surveillance of your propriety until your arrival. Please contact us for a personal quotation.
What actions you provide to keep our residence integrity secured from trespassers and thieves?

To diminish the risk of trespassers and thieves we will carry random checks inside and outside of the premises, and install warning signs around the perimeter if necessary.

What does 100% money-back policy means?

It means that, for any reason, if you're not satisfied with our services for any given day, we will not charge you for those services provided for that granted day.

How long is the contract for a residential community?

The normal period of contract is twelve months. However, SHIELD has a different approach with no fix term. For new customers please request a quote.

The Close Protection service is intended for those that personal safety may be at risks and for respectable members from your residential area that due to their business, they need extra security.

From time to time, every community may organise special occasions, such as annual meetings, Christmas Parties or kids rally. SHIELD Private Events Security team will ensure the goodwill and joy of these social events.