When the night has come.
And the land is dark.
In the club is the only light we'll see.
No I won't be afraid, no, I won't be afraid.
Just as long as you SHIELD stand by ME!

Customers should always be able to have a good time, but, within established restrictions agreed by the venue management.
Our SHIELD Security Guards are well trained to choose their words carefully to and not let themselves driven by emotions when dealing with members of public. While calmness is one of their greatest skill, they will not let themselves intimidated by assertive people.

Deterrence and prevention first!

What SHIELD can do for YOU

Providing security and ensuring the in-house rules are respected as well as civil and criminal laws.
Develop and implement written methods and policies in accordance with Health & Safety regulations for the established venue.
Revising and updating any documents related with conflict management procedures.
Establish a clear plan of action for ejecting people of the premises, and if needed, to inform the local authorities such as The Police.

Furthermore, we can assist you to choose the best suitable VIP Protection, for your venue if you’re hosting a concert to ensure the safety of your celebrities.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

Security guards will ensure a visible presence, alertness and interaction with customers, inside and outside of the club. Before entering the venue, SHIELD security guards will perform a screening for intoxicated people and suspicious behaviour while customers queued up. Previous granting access in the premises, an ID check will be performed. Body searches will be conducted to prevent smuggling of drugs, weapons and gaining access of other vendors alcohol into the club. Designated smoking area will be permanently monitored to prevent any incidents, while random checks will be conducted in the toilets for any unusual behaviour.

Club security guard isn’t just “a bouncer”– is the person who will ensure customers good time within the venue rules.


  • A high standard of physical fitness and strength
  • Smart appearance
  • Reliability and trustworthy
  • Proactive Onsite Crime Prevention
  • Controlling of Access Points
  • Professional Static and Foot Patrol
  • Deterring of trespassers, vandals and thieves
  • A mature and responsible attitude at work
  • A polite and courteous demeanor
  • Responsive to alarms and calls of distress
  • Ability to write short reports and follow written instructions
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of information
  • Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  • Ability to challenge people when necessary


For special nights where you will host a special event, our VIP Protection Operatives will look after your live band or singers, giving them the chance to entertainment the guest without any hassle.

Security Guards are the first front line of prevention and protection. They have the skills and abilities of challenge people when necessary and ensure the safety of every customer.