Our services are comprised on a variety of selected industries to provide a tailored solution for your business. All services are delivered by professional security who undertakes regular training to permanently enhances your protection.

The staff we provide, are your business crime deterrent with a faster time response than calling the Police. They have the knowledge, reason and willingness to protect your assets.

Our company provides unmatched, on-demand, cost-efficient, security guards services for all events.
Our professional and experienced staff will make sure all your security needs are met.

SHIELD isn't just "a security company" - it is the peace of mind you need to feel safe

For those wild parties where alcohol consumption can lead to problem, Birthday Party Security is the team you want close by to protect and defuse any incident that may ruin your day.

Celebrities, VIP’s, business people, they alike, needing personal safety. A Bodyguard will dedicate his time to be with his Principle every step and willing to do the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Principal life.

Checking IDs and ensuring everyone have a good time within the rules established by the management, is their job. All Club Security will guarantee a perfect night for your clients assuring their return next week with more friends.

During the daytime, a smooth run of your business in a safe environment is a must. And during night time you can rest assured that a professional team of Construction Site Security, will look after your assets.

Corporate & Office Security team will bestow your safety at work, ensuring all visitors, suppliers and staff are logged in and out. And rest assured that they will protect your assets while you sleep at night.

No matter what your hosting, SHIELD Corporate Event Security team will do their job in safeguarding your event and be part of your success assuring your guests a promise of a good night out from the office.

All hotels have the same goal, to deliver an unforgettable customer service for their visitors and ensure their return next time when in town. To serve your best interest, Hotel Security team will guarantee your brand reputation.

To protect your community from criminal activities, our Residential Security team is the optimal solution to your needs. From a single propriety to an entire suburban area, we got you covered.

Restaurant & Pub Security will guarantee your right to reserve your clientele and protect them during their stay, ensuring the smoking area is not crowded, evicts intoxicated guests and delivers a professional customer service.

Schools, College and University Security will carry out proactive patrols of the campus and ensure a permanent presence on the access points to spot and prevent any criminal activities like drug dealing, sexual offenders, thieves and gang's vengeance

From major brands to shopping malls and supermarkets, shoplifting was always a concern to the industry. With the help of SHIELD Retail Security team, you can diminish criminal activities.

For all the shootings, day and night, inside and outside, in London, your production crew need a safe environment.TV & Film Security team will ensure safety precautions are in place to guarantee a 5-star production.

Is time to say goodbye to your bachelor life and say the big Yes for a married life? Congratulation! What we can do for you is to guarantee that your day will be remembered with a Weeding Security team.

SHIELD Blog is meant to be the place where we share insights about security industry as well as tips to prevent and reduce the crimes in society in a deep trough analyse.