Security for every business

Security services. A necessity for every business

Have you ever wondered if your business needs security?

If you did, that means your guts tells you what you already know. That you definitely need to set up some layers of protection around your business. And if you know to trust and follow your inner compass as you always did, you know this is the right choice.

The security industry has gone through an incredible evolution in the last two decades. Even more importantly in today’s world, security officers enhanced their quality and qualifications. That’s why words such as trained, experienced, professional, customer service and helpful comes to mind.


Security services. A necessity for every business.

Having security in place has now become a must for every business. And why not? Every day we hear news of getting mugged, robbed and vandalism.

Not only that but now we have gangs settling scores, kidnapping, and killing. Although the last two are not on a high risk in the U.K., the chances of happening needs to be taken into consideration.

As Robbie Sinclair, Head of Security, Country Energy, NSW Australia state: “Security is always excessive until is not enough.”

Awareness and the lack of it.

Having that said it’s time to raise awareness about security needs and implications of the lack of it.

It is well knowing the fact that the common perception of people related to the security it is their belief system. That’s why people believe that only the police is responsible to secure their lives and proprieties.

Most entrepreneurs don’t even see the need for putting up security measures within or without their business premises.

A surprising fact reveals that businesses tend to budget for the very obvious things, however, the security budget gets left to the wayside.

Quite frankly people act in accordance with their background and previous experience. Here at SHIELD, we get approached by clients after things hit the fan. For example, there are lots of gathering for a social night. And here I’m referring to restaurants and bars, social network events or even a book lunch in a coffee shop or a stand up show in a pub. While the organisers don’t take into consideration the safety of his clients and the event runs without incidents, at some point, things can turn in the wrong direction. The parking lot can be vandalised, inebriation can occur, not to mention a lawsuit and damage to the propriety.

The clients will lose their confidence in the business and as I mentioned in other articles this can lead to brand loss credibility. There’s no question that every businesses needs security services. 


Don’t fall for this common business mistake.

I know what you’re thinking. Your brand is too small be noticed, right?

Small businesses, startups, and even a home-based on-line shop are the favorites target of hackers. The reason is that they don’t waste time in consuming them if given the opportunity. A second reason is that those businesses don’t tighten their cybersecurity. There’s an old saying that there are only two types of businesses: one who was a victim of a cybercrime and the second one who needs to acknowledge the cyber-attack infection.

Businesses such as convenience stores, retail stores are subject to theft. However, any type of business can be the victim of illegal activity.

For example, any private event from sports events, festivals, and concerts to clubbing, weddings  and a birthday party are also subject do disorder and lawlessness. With alcohol being the primary factor of troubles, you need to ensure the safety of your clients, staff, and assets.


More businesses turn down toward security protection.

That’s not all, in the insecure world we live in even churches start to turn their safety concerns towards security companies. A congregational gathering is a vulnerable place. Let’s think of the children’s area as well as the church parking lot.

Security officers work in a variety of professional and government institutions. Not only that, but they provide their service to celebrities, politicians and business executives. They secure schools, college, and universities, keeping those in attendance safe, as well. We also find them on the TV & Film settings and even hospitals providing guidance and protection.



You may be wondering if those facts are only shared from high-class clientele. And if so, would this really affect your business?

Then let me ask you this!

Are you certain that things cannot go wrong without a security service implemented in your business? Have you took into consideration that some competitors or even an ex-partner or employee aren’t trying to put you out of business in a malicious act?

Would you guarantee that if today you end your event with a near miss incident that could have escalated, tomorrow will be the same?

The choice to acknowledge or ignore security vulnerabilities is always in your hand. For a free consultation schedule a call with us today.

Think safe, think smart, think secure. Think SHIELD.

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