The big day is approaching, and everything must be perfect. After all, this it's a day to be remembered. You have your wedding checklist revised and notice that security isn't included? But why do you need security for a wedding when it's a day of joy and happiness?
A wedding day can often be ruined by one of your guest's personal belongings going missing. What if an expensive gift left unattended on the table will  disappear or a guest abused of too much alcohol from the open bar?

Wedding security must not be perceived just as a trend, but a certain extent of a welfare event.

If you weren't aware, a wedding is one of the biggest security guest checklist for a social occasion. However, you don't need to worry, here at SHIELD, we take great pride in offering the best tailored solution for your event.

What SHIELD can do for YOU

During this unique day, SHIELD experienced security guards will ensure this event will be unforgettable. They can work closely with a bodyguard who will look after the broom and bride. Alternatively, if you prefer a team of bodyguards who will ensure the personal safety of your parents, family, bridesmaids, and groomsmen can be arranged.
SHIELD security guards will act also as a concierge assisting the guests by offering directions or advise about the venue. In addition, we can provide car parking marshals to ensure your guest courtesy when driving them to and from their allocated parking spaces.
Furthermore, we can provide you service to the airport for the Honeymoon and even escort you, with a luxury executive vehicle from the best fleet on the market. And to give you the peace of mind while being away to enjoy your married life, we can look after your propriety until your return, with our residential security guard service. 
All security guards have extensive training and will be able to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner, without disturbing the social event.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

For a better understanding of your social event, one of our SHIELD representatives, will contact you to set up a meeting where we need to take notes of the planning procedures. We will survey the venue, make observations, acknowledge the environment and develop a course of action. Advices will be made and communicate both to you and event planner to be in accordance with the Health & Safety procedures.
According to your needs, our presence can be discreet or visible. On the wedding day, before of the event start, SHIELD security guards will ensure the venue is secure prior to your arrival. The security team leader will coordinate and provide Intel to his team, by blending undercover as a guest inside the venue.
On the meeting point for the wedding reception, security guards will act as a steward, checking your guest's invitations and providing them directions.
A discreet presence of a security guard will monitor and even log your wedding gifts.


Wedding security guard isn't just "a guest checklist" - is the assurance of a day to be remembered.



• Analyse client requirements and coordinate with event planners
• Car park marshal and traffic control
• Front of house and guest checklist
• Access control
• Crowd control
• Static security
• Mobile security patrols
• Alcohol supervision
• Emergency service liaison
• Contingency and evacuation plan
• Discretion and commitment to client confidentiality


Your very own personal Bodyguard, will blend into your event day disguise as relative to ensure your personal safety at all time and guarantee that when you’ll say YES, nobody will dare to object it.

Residential Security team will look after your propriety while you’re enjoying your honeymoon without the hassle of an incident.