Is time to reward your best employees and wish to organise award ceremonies? 

Perhaps a big corporate event to celebrate your new sealed contract?

Why not a conference to share new ideas that may grow your business?

Or maybe a product lunch that will improve the actual system?

Let's not forget the Christmas party that everyone was looking forward too!

No matter what your hosting, SHIELD corporate event security will do their job in securing you event and be part of your success. And when relating to success we're not referring only to the entertainment and catering, but also the wellbeing of your guest.

A corporate event, regardless his size will be exposed to some risk that must not interfere with the smooth-running program planned and safe environment. Therefore, SHIELD will tailor a deliverable solution to meet your criteria's and enhance the safety of the venue and happiness of your guests.

What SHIELD can do for YOU

We know that first impression count and customer service orientated its a must for all of us. All our corporate event security guards will deliver an excellence welcoming to your guest making sure they are royally treated from the first step of entering the venue until their departure.

SHIELD security guards will ensure a safety environment for your companions by making sure every attendee is on the checklist and directs them on their allocated seats. They will provide a permanent presence inside and outside the venues and promptly respond in an effective manner to any liaison emergencies that may happen.

During the entire event, our team will look after the wellbeing of your guests taking away all your concerns to enjoy the social occasion.

In addition, we can enhance your personal safety and  your high profile guests with our VIP security, that will second you in every step and ensure all goes as planned.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

We will analyse your requirements from the number of guest attending, your entertainment schedule and the layout of the venue to develop a tailored solution for your needs. After developing a plan of action, our corporate event security guards will attain on the venue prior your arrival, to take stance and ensure all measurements from the briefing are in place. According to their assigned position, they will welcome your guests, traffic management the car parking venue and patrol the perimeter to ensure no disturbance occurs. At the end of the night, all corporate event security will coordinate a smooth way for guests leaving the venue to avoid big groups of people coming out at the same time.

Corporate Event Security Guard isn’t just “your event chaperone” – is the ambassador of your company brand.


  •  A high standard of physical fitness and strength
  •  Smart appearance
  •  Analyse client requirements
  •  Checking out and surveying the layout of venues before the client arrives
  •  Threat & Risk assessments
  •  Develop tactical operation and backup plans
  •  Ability to integrate with client’s lifestyle
  •  Discretion and commitment to client confidentiality
  •  Strong verbal and interpersonal skills
  •  Accompanying the client on business and social trips
  •  Excellent observational skills to spot potentially dangerous situations
  •  Evacuation Mapping and Method
  •  Ability to react quickly using their own initiative
  •  Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  •  Knowledge of law related to security


Security Guards can work hand to hand with Close Protection Operatives taking care of various tasks from perimeter defence to mobile patrolling.

Your business assets and most of all your personal and your co-worker’s safety will be enhanced by a team of Corporate and Office Security.