"My first lesson when I came to the UK was that whilst peoples point of view may be different than mine, it doesn't mean that I am right and they are wrong."

Alexandru Zamfir

Shield Managing Director

(Our Staff come from a variety of backgrounds so it is important to understand everyone’s needs to fulfil their expectations.)

Here at SHIELD, we understand that every person is unique and has different qualities for various tasks. We value this individuality and utilise this to grow our business and reach its full potential, ensuring great customer service for all clients.

SHIELD knows that every Security Guard personality is special and unique with various sets of skills to fulfil any demanding task. Our Security Guards prepare themselves for worst and hope for the best. Therefore, we value our staff, not only because without them, we cannot function as a company, but because with their contribution, we can establish our brand in the Security Industry.

At SHIELD, we believe our staff are our most precious asset. "Friends are the family we choose," this applies to our staff who we have chosen to become a part of our family. We wholly support and encourage their growth in as an individual or being part of the team, so they can reach their full potential. This sense of caring enables them to deliver an unrivalled service to our clients with confidence.

Our promise is that you will always have one of the greatest Security Guards in the industry to do the job required for your business premises, and they will go above and beyond your customer service expectations.

Our Staff do not aim to be "just security", but a requirement for protecting your business.

SHIELD Blog is meant to be the place where we share insights about security industry as well as tips to prevent and reduce the crimes in society in a deep trough analyse.

The place where our work is rewarded with caring words from our customer satisfaction, our Testimonials speak for themselves about our work in the pursuit of delivering a bespoke solution.