Let’s think security! Why do I need and why now!

Psychological speaking, all people have the natural instinct of rejecting pain and searching for pleasure. However, many times we found ourselves in front of the fulfilled fact of pain after a not so fortunate decision.

Even more important, security is a feeling of certainty that everything is OK, and that all your basic needs will be provided for.

In security industry, we often find clients approaching us after the damage was done. No matter the niches, either construction sites, retail, restaurants, pubs and bars, or personal protection, clients search for the help of a specialised provider after their business was at risk.

Wouldn’t be better if we can avoid an asset loss, injuries, or even brand loss credibility? Wouldn’t be better if we acknowledge the danger we face before than after the business suffered a loss?

Here’s why you need to become security conscious with undeniable examples:

On a construction site, thieves may find easy opportunities. They can make off with your valuable equipment if left unsecured or unattended. Let’s not forget travellers who can trespass and setup on the propriety. Can you imagine the hassle to take them out? How much will that cost to hire lawyers, take the case to court, months of preparation and months of business being stopped?

Not long ago, a group of travellers settled on a parking bay of a national supermarket on North Circular Road. You won’t think what happened next. Because customers didn’t feel safe to shop, the business suffers losses every day. To leave the premises, the travellers where bribed £10.000 by the management.

In 2016, retail crime cost the sector £613 million, while in 2017 the cost was more than £700 million according to the British Retail Consortium survey. It is expected that the cost to be higher for 2018, especially considering the gangs of mopped robbers who terror London jewellery stores this year. Apart from this, let’s not forget the shoplifters. There is no profile of a typical shoplifter, most retail crimes being crime opportunity. That means shoplifters will target high value with a minimum risk and effort.

It is our duty as a security services provider to ensure customers expectations are met. With that in mind, SHIELD achieves a great victory in raising the standards for one of their clients in Selfridges. Below there’s a chart comparison of the first semester.

Let’s think of a wedding for example. While the preparation costs may seem quite expensive, we expect and deserve perfection. However, we often tend to forget the need for security. You plan all to precision and neglect this aspect. At the end of the day, what could go wrong, right? We are all here to cheer and celebrate.

However, we are inclining to forget and stumble into a jealous ex-partner, gate-crashes or unruly guests. What about the possibility of damage and even theft. Not only that, but did you consider the implications of an intoxicated guest that becomes troublesome? For sure you don’t want to have the feeling of a ruined wedding because nobody couldn’t prevent a disaster.

Eating and drinking establishments made up of the main sector of the retail industry. A surprising fact revealed that, on a regular day, one out of three people eats and drinks out. With London being one of the most visited capitals around the world, local customers, as well as tourists, should always be able to have a good time when they stop by your venue for a refreshment.

Before anything, restaurants and pubs have constantly risked and vulnerabilities such as thieves, burglaries, violence, verbal threats, and fights. People with different backgrounds and lifestyle from all over the world may cross your venue doorstep. Is better to ensure an adequate protection. Keep in mind that is always desirable to control troubles outside instead of breaking up a fight and eject those involved. Not to mention a negative publicity for your venue, that could inflict a brand loss.

With possible threats all around us, a personal protection awareness is always desired to increase the chance of prevention. Mopped Gangs, phone-snatching, acid attacks and knife crime has filled the headlines of newspapers. We all have the thrill on the spine when things go wrong. Let’s face it, London has become the scene from a Wild West movie.

One of the main issues in risk management is that our customers tend to assess risks based on their own background, their own history or situational perception. This will ultimately lead to an inaccurate view of reality.

Fear of losing something you have, either an asset, goods or your beloveds life being at risk, can inflict a severe pain. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

With an increased competition and a frenzied pursuit of getting more and more clients, most security companies neglect their most valuable asset, the human factor.

This reason paved the path to unhappy employees who feel their work unappreciated. Ultimately, this transforms to the frustration that leads the employees to be unwilling to give the best for the client and company. In the light of those facts, most professionals are forced to adapt and change their career, creating a massive void.

What I’m trying to emphasise is that nowadays the security is experiencing a deep crisis of professional in the industry. Security Companies struggle to find the right candidate suitable for the client requirements. With Brexit on the step doors, cutting budgets and concession isn’t the right choice.

Here at SHIELD, we pride ourselves on working with professionals who come from a military background or police force. Furthermore, to ensure we deliver a quality service to our clients, Alexandru, the company founder, is highly active in recruiting, training and assessing the company staff.

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