Avoiding loosing good personnel

How to avoid loosing good security personnel

Since this is a website for security services and the blog will refer to this job, I know that today topic has a wider applicability in most of general jobs.

While nearly all consider it the most expandable resource, humans are the primary key in a functional organisation. Therefore, many times companies struggle to deliver a top-quality service due to a lack of professional staff. And this happens not because there’s not enough qualified personnel, but because they have higher demands and standards as compensation for their valuable work.

Probably one of the first demands they require is RESPECT, that thing we overhear on media and daily social life. Many employers have different skills in terms of customer service and attracting their clients, but those skills don’t apply if they try to manipulate their staff. Once you feed them with promises about career opportunities, increasing their wages and other benefits that includes the term “free” or “discount”, you’ll gain only their attention and maybe respect as an employer.

But when you start not delivering your promises and in exchange, use elaborated excuses and dodge a conversation with them, they will lose your respect as an employer, CEO, manager or supervisor for good.

I personally believe…, no, in fact I’m convinced that when I discover that someone has lied to me, no matter how many times they may have done it in the past, everything they have said to me so far is questionable and will make me lose my trust toward them, because I know they may lie to me on another occasion. So, every time we meet again I’m wondering what lies they will try to feed me this time. This mistrust will transform in the loss of respect toward the liar.

And I personally can’t work well with a person who betrayed my expectations, a person that I don’t respect and trust anymore. You can respect someone for being your friend, your co-worker, your employer, supervisor or manager, for being friendly and helpful, for his views about certain things, for his skills or for being smart, but no matter what, you’ll lose your respect toward him if he’s a liar.

The second demand of a valuable guard is without any doubt, THE MONEY!

You can’t expect to pay the same wage to a highly skilled and experience guard, especially if he’s ex-military, or has decades of experience in the field, like someone new in the industry. It is just an offence to his value! Of course, the competition is high among the security companies and every CEO and manager is looking for a fast growth that may be detrimental to the staff, using all kinds of techniques to stay ahead of competition.

Unfortunately, one of the techniques they use is lowering the price list for clients. This technique creates a real battleground, a war zone where new companies go under the standard price list to break into the industry. But this hunger for money doesn’t apply only to this scenario.

Often, big companies lower the price list or keep it unchanged way more than it should, to eliminate the competition of medium and small companies. Sounds like a vicious circle, but that’s the truth.

“All is fair in love and war” said the poet John Lyly and while this marketing strategy derives from well-known military Chinese general strategist Shun Tzu and his “Art of war” writing, in the ultimate instance the security guards will suffer the most and this will be reflected as a dent into companies’ prestige. You may ask why would this be a dent?

But before answering let’s talk about the third demanding aspect of a professional security which is LOYALTY.

Many securities companies have understood this concept completely different, while others don’t even use it. Loyalty you’ll earn in time if you’re worthy and it’s applicable on both sides, company and staff. So, while companies expect their staff to be loyal, they don’t use the same principle regarding their personnel.

There’s so many examples where security officer is confronted with certain issues at work. This can vary from a frustrated manager who shouts at him, a picky supervisor, a co-worker who’s trying to put him in a bad light in front of his bosses or a request he made to take some days off to sort out some personal problems that was rejected. Or possibly frustrations of feeling unheard, left behind, marginalised by the team or not being supported by his management leads ultimately to the loss of his loyalty in the company.

Employers forget or do not apply this loyalty and in fact they are treating the staff as expendables or even threatening them with loosing shifts or even the job. The most common line they use is: -“There are hundreds at the gate waiting to take your place!” This is a communist method developed by Karl Marx to break the spirit and the wings of those who hope that “sun will shine on their street too one day”. I have personally heard this many times and while it amused me I knew it was time for me to do the contrary and look for a better job. (This could be considered an instigation, a revolt by the guard who triggered in himself the “call for action” and in some situations, this will go unexpected for the company, the loss will be theirs as well.)

Now regarding the previous question with the dent into the companies’ prestige, all those exposed demands: RESPECT, THE MONEY and LOYALTY are well tied together. And in most scenarios if two of them aren’t satisfied it is most likely that the guard will not perform well in critical situations at work, because of depression and being let down by the company.

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