As the boundaries between work and home life continue to blur, as work consumes an even greater part of our life, your workplace is becoming your second home.

You and your co-workers that you see every day and who now make up a large part of your life, need the assurance of a safe and secure environment to focus on the tasks without the worry of any menace.

In a world with so many diverse threats and increasing risks, your business premises need a vigilant professional Security Guard from SHIELD to permanently asses, determine and eliminate any unwanted situation that may evolve into an incident.

SHIELD security guards are the choice that you are looking for to protect your business purposes as they will be the first impression given to your visitors and clients to the point of contact for your company premises.

Their impact will have a higher chance of smoothing your next contract.

Therefore, the customer services provided on greeting the guest, answering a query or performing reception duties will be flawless, enhancing the reputation of your company and preserving the professionalism of SHIELD.

What SHIELD can do for YOU

Providing experienced security guards to ensure a comprehensive approach of your requirements. We make sure the car parks its permanently supervised by a car parking marshal and CCTV systems records 24/7 by the vigilant watch of a trained CCTV security guard.  In addition, our guards will offer manned guarding, by greeting your customers and visitors. They will act as a concierge on your access points by providing assistance with direction and advice to the company. If require, SHIELD security guards will log in and log out any supplier’s deliveries as well as visitors and company staff for a better management review of those activities. Implementing a course of action for a lost child in accordance with the 2003 Licensing Act and the protection of children from harm, and setting an agreed Collection Point at the reception for re-uniting with parents.

In addition, we can offer a great package for Close Protection if you need to travel abroad or attending a business meeting. Furthermore, we will ensure the safety of a venue if you choose to organise a corporate event to serve your best interest to your organisation.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

A representative of our company, will set up a meeting to investigate your corporation weaknesses. Following this meeting, a report will be made, pointing out our recommendations to overcome any disturbance to your business activities. After reviewing on-site and agreed by the management in accordance with Health & Safety regulations, implementation will be made for satisfactory requirements.

In pursuance of discouraging possible criminal activities, SHIELD can act as a deterrent, by providing and installing warning signs on the perimeter, along with CCTV warning signs. 

Corporate and Office Security isn’t just “a receptionist”– is the proactive, in-charge marshal of the premises.


  •  A high standard of physical fitness and strength
  •  Smart appearance
  •  Analyse client requirements
  •  Checking out and surveying the layout of venues before the client arrives
  •  Threat & Risk assessments
  •  Develop tactical operation and backup plans
  •  Ability to integrate with client’s lifestyle
  •  Discretion and commitment to client confidentiality
  •  Strong verbal and interpersonal skills
  •  Accompanying the client on business and social trips
  •  Excellent observational skills to spot potentially dangerous situations
  •  Evacuation Mapping and Method
  •  Ability to react quickly using their own initiative
  •  Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  •  Knowledge of law related to security


Some of the Co-Founders may travel abroad to seal a new contract, or they may attend to a business meeting. No matter the requirements, their personal safety will be enhanced by a Close Protection operative.

For any social occasion, your corporation or office may organise, our Private Event Security team will bestow a royalty customer service and ensure everyone good will while taking care of their safety.