Construction site security. How to protect your assets

Security on a construction site

Stay safe and wear your helm. Just as a statistic NHS pay in average £20,000 for every major injury you suffer on a construction site where the ambulance needs to pick you up.

Did you know that the whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed, but a thing created is loved before it exists?

That’s not me, that’s Charles Dickens.

But my point is that building doesn’t mean that you only put bricks by bricks on top of each other. The building is more than some simple layers.


Because you build opportunities and success not only for your customers but also for their clients as well.

However, the journey of constructing a successful building is sometimes bumpy.

If you are managing a construction site, and security is something that you are concerned, this article is just for you.


Every business in the world faces certain risks. A construction site doesn’t make an exception.

There are countless vulnerabilities on any construction site. Let’s sum them up and see how can we improve security on them.


First of all, there’s the theft issue.


Let’s face it. Every construction site uses subcontractors from different areas. That means expensive equipment left unattended can go missing in an instance, so don’t let criminals drive your profits away.

To counter this problem there are certain things that you need to set up in a place like a video surveillance, audio, lightning, physical barriers, and response team.



On the video surveillance, focus your attention on the entry points to monitor what’s going in and out from your site.
The audio system must be automated with tannoy loudspeakers and public-address systems. In this way, you can overcome theft by radio message intruders that their intentions are being watched.
You can’t afford a blind spot so lightning it’s another aspect to consider. An adequate coverage overnight serves as a good deterrent.
In terms of physical barriers, you need to set them up in a way where you can drive everyone, from your employees, lorry drivers and visitors to follow a certain path.
This path must lead to your video surveillance cameras where you can record every activity. Of course, you can buy physical barriers, but if you’re on a thigh budget, you can improvise from scrap materials, like some barrels and wood.



In this way, you force drivers to get out their vehicle in order to remove the barriers and you can record it on the CCTV system.

And although this may seem like an uncomfortable solution, the idea is to create a slow time for intruders in order for you to quickly react, deter and call the police.

The most important aspect is the response team. Comprised of security officers, and canine units, they can coordinate their actions via radio devices and surround thefts from different angles cutting their escape.

I know what you’ll think:

Who will guarantee that the security officers won’t fall asleep during their job, right?

But hey, did you know that with the help of modern technology, we can now monitor the activity of each security officer? On top of that, they have different checkpoints to achieve on their random patrols.

And guess what?

For full transparency and peace of mind, you’ll have the option to check their activities at any time on your phone app just at your fingertips reach.


The second issue is vandalism, which is a costly crime.


Graffiti or propriety damage can make a hole in your budgets.

Vandalism tends to be a crime mainly committed by juveniles.

Behind their psychology, most likely there are social reasons, where they try to fit in, be involved in the gang, and be accepted.


To counter vandalism there are some easy steps to follow:

Don’t make it easy for them. Always ensure your site is secured with a high fence. If your budget allows, use barbed wires that offers protection.
Keep your site tidy. It’s well known the fact that rubbish attracts rubbish, so don’t give anyone a chance to add more to it.
Exchange contact information with any business in your vicinity to be notified of any whiteness vandalism in progress.
Public awareness it’s another great tool. Posting on your vulnerable points visible signs and warnings of your security provider and CCTV recording in progress will make anyone think twice to act against it.

Countless efforts go into planning the perfect building, so don’t let vandalism break the foundation of your project.


The third issue is vagrancy.


Here are some tips to prevent vagrancy on your construction site:

  • Report instance to the police.
  • File a complaint that may allow you to obtain an injunction or a city ordinance regarding vagrancy.
  • Consult an experienced criminal lawyer.
  • Visible signs and warnings posts should be used as a good deterrent.
  • A very ingenious tactic was used by a local store owner in California. He keeps people away from loitering outside his store with classical music over outdoor speakers.

Pretty smart, isn’t it?


Ok, the fourth issue I would like to emphasise is trespassing.


Picture this…

A group of travelers trespasses your construction site and set up on your propriety. Now your business is stuck, you need to hire lawyers and take the case in court. This can take several months while your deadline may expire and you can be charged with penalties.

Are you willing to assume all those risks without adequate security set in place?

I don’t think so…

Security on a construction site has a huge impact on your brand credibility.

That’s why, here at SHIELD, we don’t sell dreams, we offer security solutions.

Don’t make the news! Instead…

Think safe, think smart, think secure. Think SHIELD.


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