No mission assignment is the same. However, every assignment follows similar tactical principles.

With the recent attacks on U.K. soil, tourism was severely affected, leading a void of uncomfortably relating to safety and security in the perception of visitors and national opinion.

Most of SHIELD Close Protection officers have served in the military units and police, gaining experience in a variety of tasks worldwide prior undertaking an SIA certification of Close Protection course.

What SHIELD can do for YOU

If you're up for a leisure visit in U.K. or have a business meeting to attend we will ensure your personal protection. We can assist you with service to and from the airport, and we have many partners to supply with executive vehicles. Our operatives will gladly give you a tour through the city and advice of places to visit. You can rest assured that our personnel that are trained to think out-of-the-box, will foresee any unpleasant scenario.

In addition, we can provide you security guards to ensure a smooth run of the business meeting, corporate event or perhaps a wedding event for the venue where you attend.

 No matter what your requirements are, you will have a travel experience to be remembered.

How SHIELD do it for YOU

SHIELD Close Protection experts will be more than happy for analyses all the Principal requirements and develops the best possible solution for the Principal safety, including a full briefing and backup plans for all the Principal essential staff involved throughout the process. One of our favourite apps used for planning operations is Skitch, that allows our personnel to survey the venues, take pictures, plan routes by applying marks, notes and share it to the entire team in the field for a better understanding about the environment. They will be with you every step on your journey to ensure that all will go as planned. All Close Protection Officers will be completely flexible and use every available resource and tactics if the unexpected occurs in order that personal security is preserved.

close protection

Note: while most of our clients decide the business partnership, they want to have with our company, for this particular service of Close Protection, it is imperative to take control and requests the client to comply with their personal approved Close Protection Operative advices.

VIP Protection isn’t just “a bodyguard”– is the person who will sacrifice his life for your safety.


  •  A high standard of physical fitness and strength
  •  Smart appearance
  •  Analyse client requirements
  •  Checking out and surveying the layout of venues before the client arrives
  •  Threat & Risk assessments
  •  Develop tactical operation and backup plans
  •  Ability to integrate with client’s lifestyle
  •  Discretion and commitment to client confidentiality
  •  Strong verbal and interpersonal skills
  •  Accompanying the client on business and social trips
  •  Excellent observational skills to spot potentially dangerous situations
  •  Evacuation Mapping and Method
  •  Ability to react quickly using their own initiative
  •  Ability to handle and resolve conflicts in an effective manner
  •  Knowledge of law related to security


I'm enquiring for a bodyguard service for one of our Chamber lawyer. How much will this service cost?

It depends of a variety of factors such as the term of the contract (daily basis or just business meetings), the risk and threats if any, received by the Chamber lawyer or if it requires an extension of protection for his family. For new customers please request a quote.

My client travels abroad on a weekly basis. Can you provide a Close Protection Operative who can escort him everywhere?

Yes, we can. Depending on your client requirements, we can provide a multilingual Close Protection Operative, to help in your client travel business and as well, trained in fire arms techniques.

What does 100% money-back policy means?

It means that, for any reason, if you're not satisfied with our services for any given day, we will not charge you for those services provided for that granted day.

How long is the contract ?

The normal period of contract is twelve months. However, SHIELD has a different approach with no fix term. For new customers, please contact us for a personal quotation.

Security Guards can work hand to hand with Close Protection Operatives taking care of various tasks from perimeter defence to mobile patrolling.

A team of Private Events Security will ensure the integrity of the venue assets leaving your personal safety in the hands of your personal Bodyguard.