Children bullying

Hey, do you know that those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge?

Bullying can happen to anyone and anywhere. It can happen to adults and children. At work, at school, on the street, at home and even on-line.

Recently, my cousins called my mum on Skype. And while they’re talking, my cousin mentioned that my nephew, who’s now 8 years old is very disappointed.  So my mum ask to speak to him and find out what  is the reason for his disappointment.


On the phone call, my nephew said that he needs to start wearing eye glasses at school and he’s afraid that all the children will laugh and bully him.

So my mum tried to comfort him, telling that I was wearing eye glass at school for a short period of time and this is a temporary solution. Then she pass me the phone to talk with him and try to encourage him.

So I did.

And I remembered the time when I had to wear eye glasses in school. Children where making fun of me and call me “stove with 4 eyes”. And my parents didn’t know how to comfort me and they told me that I have to wear them. And out of frustration, sometimes I was getting into fights with other classmates. As a result my eye glasses will fall off and get smashed. Once I remembered that I broke them in purpose just to not wear them anymore. And even if I complained that children are bullying me, my parents didn’t know how to manage my frustrations and they scold me.

Knowing that this could happened to my nephew, I gave him a pep talk and told him this:

  • Hey Rares, that’s his name by the way, if other children will try to make fun, or bully, you just have to tell them the following:
  • “ I’m wearing eye glasses because I’m smart and I’m thinking big like for 2 person. On top of that, children with eye glasses are more cute and attractive for girls.”

He was very happy with my advice and that’s what he did.


This reminds me of the inspirational story of Thomas Edison school letter. You probably know it, but I’m going to be short.

The story says that young Thomas who was dyslexic came home with a letter from his grade school teacher. The letter stated that Thomas is not allowed at school anymore because he’s addled. When Thomas ask his mum what the letter said, she twist the true and read the letter in front of him saying that he’s a genius and the school is to small for him.

As a result of this letter, his mum decide to keep him home and educate the young boy.


If this story is true or not we’re not here to debate. But we have to learn how to emphasis, combat bullying, and in the same time inspire.

So you see?

Instead of putting down your child for being a wimp and break his spirit, just find a way to encourage him, and give him wings.

Some will call it bullying, others may try to justify it as a banter. But nevertheless this can have a deep emotional impact with long time effects.

Therefore, it is better to talk with your child and give him some reasons to express his feelings. In this way their confidence will be restored.


Use this tips when talky with your child.

  •  Tell him to talk about bullying anytime when it occurs. That will make him feel better.
  • Advise him to write down on a paper his feelings. Just take the lead and write down with him sentences that start with how it feels and the reason why he feels in that way.

For example: I feel frustrated because a child call me fat at school. Or whatever feelings or reasons there may be. After that, advice him to throw the paper in the bin away with all those feelings.

  •  Encourage your child to paint or draw. Or even play a game of chess. It is well know that this will decrease anxiety and stimulate your creativity.
  •  Stay positive. Tell him to always use a swapping game and turn bad words into good words.
  •  Listen to music. It is well know that music calms down.
  •  Encourage him to do a sport. Being part of a community will make him feel responsible and will boost confidence in himself. Apart from that, a sport is a good stress relief.

Remember, there’s always different ways of coping with bad behavior.


That’s why, here at SHIELD, we don’t sell dreams, we offer solutions.


‘’Think safe, think smart, think secure, think SHIELD’’ 

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