Birthday party security

Hey, do you know that youth has no age and you don’t get older, you get better?

After our last birthday party, I found auspicious to raise some awareness about security measures in anticipation of this event.

For this article, I will refer to a teenager birthday party. However, those insights can be very well assimilated for any adult birthday party.

If you’re hosting the event to your residential property you need to be aware of incidents that may occur.


Let me tell you about a bad experience that a friend child had to assist. My friend daughter was invited to a birthday party on private property. The parents who organized the event were not home and didn’t want to hire a security company to supervise the event.

For this reason, the children took the opportunity to bring a lot of alcohol at the party. They got drunk and from this point, everything went wrong. The house and garden turn up into total chaos while some valuable items went missing. Some boys start fighting each other which lead to broken furniture and several windows smashed.

Can you imagine the shame and frustration of their children the next day at school?

I certainly don’t want to be in the shoes of the parents when facing their neighbors and other children parents.

Although you may think your raise your children to behave, when it comes to security you can never be too prepared. Don’t get mislead by teenagers when you’re hosting a party. They can easily get carried away especially under the influence of alcohol and turn a wonderful party into a disaster.


Memories warm you up from the inside. Therefore, your children, their guest, and families need to look back at your party to be remembered as a huge success.


If you’re hosting a party on your property for your children, there are some things to consider in preparation of the great event.


Before anything let’s have a look at the following 5 steps when hosting a teenagers birthday party.

  1.  Ask your child to make a guest list in alphabetical order. A security officer will ensure that only those on the list are granted access. On top of that, such an event will hardly go unnoticed. So a list of who’s invited will prevent a gatecrash.
  2. Provide a table at the entrance for security officers to check the guest belongings for any concealed alcohol.
  3. Limit the access into the house. According to the layout of your house, you can grant access straight into the garden, avoiding the main entrance. Lockup all the rooms to refrain access.
  4. If the budget allows you can also set up a marquee for refreshments, foods, and dancing in the garden.
  5. Hire portable toilets. Surely you don’t want anyone to urinate on your garden or on your flowers.

On top of that there’s other cautions  you need to take advice when organising such event. For example if you hire a DJ, ensure you read some reviews and get good recommendations. Ideally find someone who has a professional website or Facebook page. A friend of a friend who knows a DJ isn’t enough. The reason why I am mentioning this is because some called DJ’s may try to smuggle illegal drugs. Teenagers can be easily influenced into consuming such substances. Not only that they can ruin the party, but they can ruin their life.

Another thing to consider is to have in handy phone number of every child parents. In case of an emergency, like their child getting intoxicated it is advised to call the legal tutor for support.


How many security do you need?

As a precaution three security should be at the main entrance to meet and greet the guest and perform the vetting procedures. If some children decide to kick off, two security will need to break it up and gently calm the situation, while the third security must ensure that other children won’t try to sneak in while it happens.

Another security should be placed in the garden ensuring boys don’t take advantage of the tipsy girls under the cover of the night.


Not long ago, we were asked to supervise a similar private party for teenagers between 14 and 16. However, on that occasion, the event was held on a venue in Mayfair.

While performing a random check to the toilet, one of my colleagues found a boy in a cabin with a girl trying his luck. You won’t guess what happens next. We escort the boy outside and he called his father to complain.

The parent turns up and starts picking on our colleague. We explained him the issue and the fact that the boy tried to take advantage of the girl in the toilet. Even after that, the father who was smelling of alcohol was indignant that we interrupted his son. He threatened us that he will make a formal complaint against our colleague and the venue.

Through this day, we are still waiting for it.


Other things to consider is the supervision of teenagers to prevent bringing or consuming any related drugs such as Rufi, the “date rape” and even weed.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for children or adults, it’s crucial to ask advice from an experienced security provider and do the preparation according to their suggestions.


That’s why, here at SHIELD, we don’t sell dreams, we offer security solutions.

Think Safe, think smart, think secure. Think SHIELD.

Birthday Party Security Guard isn’t just “a party pooper” – is the assurance of your next-day tweet best party ever.

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