SHIELD Industries UK is a young Security Company based in London, founded by Alexandru Zamfir. Alexandru is from a military background and has been working in the Security Industry for many years within the sectors of TV, Film, Retail and Nightlife Security.

With extensive work for a variety of TV shows, including “The Million Pound Drop,” “The Voice,” “Strictly Come Dancing” and “Big Brother,” he learns about the glamorous life of celebrities, but also, he develops relations of mutual respect with people who work behind the scene.

Having worked for luxury brands like “Christian Dior,” “Roberto Cavalli” and “Christopher Kane,” he expands his knowledge in terms of customer service. Ultimately, he understands the meaning of the Albert Einstein quote “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Graduate of Sociology - Psychology University, he's willing to implement his teaching about people relationship and customer service to all security guards working for SHIELD.

His experience has taught him that customers may forget what you have said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Appearances are deceiving, competition being appreciated, because will give us purpose to compelled developing superior's solutions to deploy on the field, we cheer for people... we were raised to believe there's enough sun for everyone.

Leading by example, our company's aim is not to influence, but to inspire. We believe that Security Industry needs a reformation. We embrace cooperation with Security Industry entities and the Police to remove frequent disbelief of confidence in order to establish and shift perception of general public, build communication, assurance, and be truthful in relation with our work activities.

That being said, SHIELD’s team vision is to be the most trustworthy company of the future who will meet their customer needs.

With a competitive advantage in the developmental stage and with the help of the Internet of Things, SHIELD will become a leading company setting a new standard in the Security Industry.


“We aim to be a brand in the Security Industry, not just a name”.

- Alexandru Zamfir, Managing Director -

 Think safe, think smart, think secure,


With the risk level to severe is important to take necessary precaution for your private care. A Close Protection Operative will guarantee your personal safety and your family worldwide, around the clock.

The main role of a Security Guard is to prevent and protect. They can work on a variety of locations and industries, enhancing client’s assets protection and guest customers service, making them feel unique.

Implementing a safe procedure at your event is a legal requirement. Private Event Security team will ensure all policies are followed, making sure everyone feels safe and have a good time.

On a set location where people from different background meet there will always be a need of assurance for their personal safety and their equipment’s. TV & Film Security will cover that.