Your business is growing, but you're not fully protected? The way your doing it drains you up? Most likely, you're dealing with:

Thieves circle the wagons waiting for a chance to strike.

Gangs bully your staff and frighten the clients.

Willing to act, but unsure how to tackle the scene.

Unsafely environment without overnight watch.

No contact point to welcome your clients.

It's time for SHIELD. An innovative solution for your business.

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protecting your business

Your business safety is our job


SHIELD will provide a tailored solution to suits your requirements in your allocated budget. Our different approach is to reward all our clients a warranty of our services by offering the peace of mind of a quality deliverable package.

Having a security officer is a great

crime deterrent

Buildings and offices can be

actively monitored

On-site security officers will respond

faster than the police

What SHIELD can do for YOU

Provide a crime deterrent for your business with our well-mannered security guards.

Actively monitor your assets and respond in an efficient way to any alarms and distress calls.

Decrease the time response to any incident better than calling the police with our onsite security guards.

Keep a visual presence during day and night to your premises preventing trespassers, vandals and thieves.

Perform regular and random checks on your establishment, screen and observe visitors and challenge people when necessary.


How SHIELD do it for YOU

Enhance your business protection, by developing an exclusive methodology for your industry.

Implement security policies for staff and clients in accordance with Health & Safety regulations.

Establish a clear plan of action to prevent hazardous situations.

Revise and updating any documents related with conflict resolution in the workplace procedures.

Provide a unique customer service experience for your clientele that will generate more leads and grow your business.


All SHIELD security guards are fully briefed before starting each shift and updated on the go to ensure everyone knows his role and saves client time to spend it on his business.


Is time to say goodbye to your bachelor life and say the big Yes for a married life? Congratulation! What we can do for you is to guarantee that your day will be remembered with a Wedding Security team.

To protect your community from criminal activities, our Residential Security team is the optimal solution to your needs. From a single propriety to an entire suburban area, we got you covered day and night.

Corporate & Office Security team will bestow your safety at work, ensuring all visitors, suppliers and staff are logged in and out. And rest assured that they will protect your assets while you sleep at night.

Educational Establishments will carry out proactive patrols of the campus and ensure a permanent presence on the access points to spot and prevent any criminal activities like drug dealing, sexual offenders, thieves and gang's vengeance.

For all the shootings, day and night, inside and outside, in London or the countryside, your production crew need a safe environment.TV & Film Security team will ensure safety precautions are in place to guarantee a 5-star production.

All hotels have the same goal, to deliver an unforgettable customer service for their visitors and ensure their return next time when in town. To serve your best interest, Hotel Security team will guarantee your brand reputation.